I've been a writer, a notetaker, journaler, and pen collector since I was a wee child. That love of paper and colored ink has carried through into adulthood. My pile of blank journals with fun covers and lovely thick paper continues to grow.

What has been hard to find is unique, beautiful, and interesting paper to write on. I've designed, created, or assembled my own journals and stationery for years in the size, shape, format, and design that works for me.

And now, I can share that with you!

The products I create are designed to encourage you to find the time:
-- to take a break to rest
-- to write a note and encourage and uplift a friend to show them you care and are thinking of them.

The shop will include:
-- Printable 30-Day Guided Quiet Time Journals
-- Printable Journaling Pages
-- Printable Notecards
-- Printable Gratitude Journals and Prayer Journals
-- Printable Coloring Books, Pages, and Bookmarks

Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and browse a while! So glad you are here.